Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Our Hero, The young Girls History!

Our Hero the Young Girls History;

Eye Colour; Brown Black

Height; 5ft

Age; 11

Name; Jessica Square

Hair Colour; Dark blonde

Favourite Clothes; neutral Pale coloured dresses

Favourite Hobby; Exploring riding bicycle

Species; Square headed humanoid

Best memory; Winning a goldfish at the local fair

Location/Home; Lives in New York outskirts run down/poor area

Best Friend; toy rabbit that is admired by her daily, he lives in an expensive shop as a display, Our hero is saving up her money to buy him so he can have his own life and be free!

Dislikes; being nagged by her family, Not being able to go outside and have fun, ride her bike when it is sunny.

Aspirations; To work with the environment and with endangered species of animals, helping to protect them from hunting etc.

Worst Memory; getting scar on her arm from falling out of a tall tree 3 years ago.

Wishes; She could play with her best friend the trapped rabbit toy!

Regrets; Climbing trees that are too tall for her, then falling out of them!

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