Thursday, 29 April 2010

Final Armature

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Head plate made of brass. Has holes marked on it ready to be drilled, will the head have a wire frame that can be threaded through these holes? marked using a compass and ruler.

Testing the elbow joint for friction making sure the screws are tight enough to hold everything together moves well!!

assembling the elbow joint with a screwdriver, tightening up the brass plates, aluminium rods on either side which act as the joints.

Assembling the aluminium legs and brass plates , then screwing together, this will create tension and hold the hips together, thus creating a moveable ball and socket joint!

Aluminium rod tightened in an elcrtic drill, then using a round file, creating a ball at the end of the rod which will then be a joint, elbow or wrist!

Small nuts and screws used on the Armatures ankle joints and knee joints to screw brass plates together!

Making my Ball and Socket Armature a few of the development photos .....

Brass Plates Cut to size and holes put in them readdy to put the screw through the middle of the plates this will then create tension when the rounded Aluminium rods are also slotted in on either side.

Some of the tools that were used to create my ball and Socket Armature; Set Square, Hacksaw Blade for marking the metal, Mole grips used, Compass used to mark out parallel lines and radiuses.

The Story So Far " Toy Shop, Saint Justice"

The Story So Far…………………..

“The toy Shop, Saint Justice”

Our hero throughout this story is the loveable young girl Jessica Square, she comes from a poor family but still enjoys life to the full, having grown up on the outskirts of New York, America, This Story is set in the 1950’s.

News Flash! A devilishly clever criminal, The feisty Miss Van a notorious jewel and art thief has been released from prison in Mexico city and is on her way to visit New York, she is travelling in disguise as a Tropical singer, unrecognisable to all…….

Our Hero Jessica is on her way to visit her good friend the Toy Rabbit who just happens to be the most expensive object in New York City, once owned by the Russian Royal Family he was donated to the New York Museum a year ago and here is where our adventure story begins……..

Miss Van hears the good news of this valuable toy being exhibited and begins to plot a fantastic plan to break into the Museum and steal this toy, collecting her slimy crew of low life’s and fellow thieves she hatches her plan into action!

There’s one problem though…….. our hero Jessica witnesses her fiendish plan, and follows her to the secret hide out an abandoned brewery…….. where the rabbit will be stored until 3 days time then her best friend will be flown out of the country on a private jet and sold in England….

Of course Our hero will not let this happen she is an adventurer, an explorer! and will never give up until this miss Van and her Fellow Scum Bags are brought to justice and the awesome toy rabbit is safe once again!

A young girl of her age 11 years old needs some help in fighting crime and saving the day! Of course she has friends, lots and lots of friends and luckily for them it is the school holidays so there isn’t all that much to do except……… fighting crime and defeating this crooked Miss Van!

Our Hero, The young Girls History!

Our Hero the Young Girls History;

Eye Colour; Brown Black

Height; 5ft

Age; 11

Name; Jessica Square

Hair Colour; Dark blonde

Favourite Clothes; neutral Pale coloured dresses

Favourite Hobby; Exploring riding bicycle

Species; Square headed humanoid

Best memory; Winning a goldfish at the local fair

Location/Home; Lives in New York outskirts run down/poor area

Best Friend; toy rabbit that is admired by her daily, he lives in an expensive shop as a display, Our hero is saving up her money to buy him so he can have his own life and be free!

Dislikes; being nagged by her family, Not being able to go outside and have fun, ride her bike when it is sunny.

Aspirations; To work with the environment and with endangered species of animals, helping to protect them from hunting etc.

Worst Memory; getting scar on her arm from falling out of a tall tree 3 years ago.

Wishes; She could play with her best friend the trapped rabbit toy!

Regrets; Climbing trees that are too tall for her, then falling out of them!

Development of Child charachter